Sunday, October 31, 2004

Whew, starting to get a little tired.

But it's a righteous tired.

We're averaging over 50 volunteers at our phone banks now. At one point yesterday, we had almost 75 folks calling swing states. We've moved out of the house and are now set up in a union local, with a genuine tele-marketing style computer dialing bank - 10 lines.

Calling 4 states now; apparently so are quite a few others. I don't feel guilty about it, but I have to say I'm truly grateful I don't live in a battleground state.

The phones burn for 12 hrs tomorrow and 16 on election day. Then, we rest... and celebrate. I'm feeling extremely optimistic now. All sorts of people we're calling in FLA report they have already voted. Zogby has a new 'cell-phone' poll (ie, THE YOOT!) showing Kerry 55%, Bush 40%. All the tracking polls have tightened down to dead heats - good, very good, for the challenger. The Redskins lost. And there is absolutely no way Hawaii will go for Bush. We've been calling them in the evenings and Bush fans are few and far between. Shaka Loose, bruddah kerry!


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