Saturday, October 23, 2004

Soap, not radio.

Some CDs worth mentioning:

YUKA HONDA Eucademix. Easily absorbed atmospheres, with enough beats & jazzy bits to keep it from being a fluffer-nutter. Light on lyrics - it’s all about the textures. Some echoes of Cibo Matto, some Miles & I bet she owns at least one Gong record. Tasteful, not challenging.

SOLEX Laughing Stock Of Indie Rock. Elisabeth Esselink is an energetic Suzanne Vega. Angular and complicated arrangements, sweet vocals and a solid groove. I guess being the laughing stock means she digs – craft. Fun, not cutesy.

MIRAH C'mon Miracle. Mature, confident & original songwriting, without crossing the border into pretension-land. My favorite of hers, by far. Gem-like, not precious.

SUBTLE A New White. A veritable deluge of verbiage and delightfully varied instrumentation. Subtle delivers a richly arty farty, hip hop trip. Miasmic, not murky.

CHROMEO She's In Control. Get down with Chromeo, for they bring the analog synths and vox FX. Like the funky fun of Scissor Sister; but edgier, weirder. Rather cool, not american.

DANIEL PADDEN (THE ONE ENSEMBLE OF) The Owl Of Fives. For fans of Black Heart Procession, Tom Waits, Kronos Quartet, surreal song titles, forest smells, making wine glasses sing, the overheard whispers of dwarves behind Norwegian waterfalls. Rich, not pretentious.


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