Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Participatory journalism exposes RNC-funded voter suppression initiatives in at least 8 states, while the old-guard media sits around looking pretty, killing time before the debate.

It's at times like this, I remember civilizations aren't built to last.

The Legion of Honor has a lovely little exhibition going on, covering another, earlier, lost civilization: Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya. I almost purchased a text detailing the over 500 decoded Mayan hieroglyphs (80% success rate, for the cipher fans out there). Thankfully, I realized a t-shirt would get far more use at slipping acres.

But - such beautiful stuff.

And if anyone is looking for a new indie band name, consider "Ah Maxim." See, most everyone will assume your tag is about the nudie mag, instead of the name of a sublime artist, who lived in the city state of Naranjono 1200 years ago. This will guarantee mega publicity for your band - all old-guard media types (including reviewers) won't be able to resist this 'grabber.' Thank me in your CD insert credits.


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