Friday, October 08, 2004

If you're Bush, this is not your best news week.

And it's definitely not the way you would want to lead into tonight's debate, where (gasp) you field questions from THE PEOPLE.

I could/should list all the bad news, with links and act like I'm all topical...up on it. But frankly, it's all out there already. And you probably have read a bunch of it anyway. I won't insult your news-monitoring pedigrees.

Instead, might I suggest before watching tonight's debate, you step outside for a half hour or so? Hopefully you have easy access to some place where nature still has a slight advantage over mankind's assemblies. Let all the accumulated hot air out. Breathe in some of mother nature's prime comodity - serenity.

Then watch the debate.

(I'm flip-flopping. Here's one link: Defective Yeti's amusing observations on the VP debate.)


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