Friday, October 15, 2004

I will remember you.

One year ago tomorrow, our dear friend Sofa departed this world. It has been a long year. I wish he was still around - and I will always miss him. He had so many gifts, lacking but one. Luckily for me, and all the other friends & family he left behind, he shared those gifts generously. Frankly, he gave away everything; taking far too little in exchange. That was Sofa.

Rarely a day goes by I’m not reminded of some Sofaism; or have an experience, where I don’t wonder ‘what would Sofa had thought about that!?’ What a rare, beautiful and fragile psyche. They don’t come around often and it will be a while longer, before I can shake the feeling that I let him down.

But all the above is drivel, when compared to a few snippets of casual grace, from someone I take great pride in calling my friend. These Sofa snippets mp3s are off-the-cuff, one-time-only noodlings. Nothing big, nothing that screams ‘ar-teest.’ Just little presents he left strewn around, innocent & innocuous at first glance, but full of wonder and beauty, now that he is gone. I hope you enjoy them.

Update: I've also added three more folders. This one has Demos, from his Boston days. This one has the Final 4 songs he composed and this one has Holiday tunes & outtakes. (File under Sofa).


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