Monday, October 25, 2004

The 377 Ton October Surprise

That isn't meant to be funny. Just the opposite.

Today's news* , about the failure to secure these most powerful of conventional explosives, pisses me off beyond words. After all the lives lost in Iraq, the billions being spent... and this is all we get for it? Super-munitioned terrorists??

And the unmitigated gall of some administration spin-meisters:
"You just can't leave a guard force at all these places you find. If you leave a squad at all 10,000 places that are known so far, then there's 50,000 (troops) out of action," said another U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Hey bucko, these explosives detonate nu-cu-lur bombs! They were at one of your precious WMD sites you invaded the country for!!!

This staggeringly incompetent and brazen administration is going down hard and not a moment too soon, now that the bad guys have just found one mega-sized power pill.

(* I would have linked to those who broke the story, the NYTimes, but their link to the story is bad. Conspiracy theorists, call me!!)


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