Friday, October 08, 2004

3 down, 1 to go

And it's Kerry, by a nose...

...feel my Totally Decided Voter powah.

Most bizarre moment: No contest, Bush on the Dred Scott Decision. Probably recalling the only Supreme Court case he knows by name. I'll bet he had to go all the way back to high school civics class for that one. And true to form, he got it WRONG!

Second most bizarre moment: When Bush dismissed the moderator and just went ahead with his rebut. I thought they had rules...

Third most bizarre moment: Kerry's people did him a disservice by feeding him that Bush Lumber Company trivia. Then, there was Bush asking the audience if anyone needs wood...easy big fella, Laura's in the room.

Kerry came across fine, albiet a tad less convincing than in the first debate. And he squandered a few opportunities where he could have brought it hard to Bush.

Like in his rebuttal to Bush's last question - the 'what 3 mistakes have you made and what would you do differently if you could' question. Bush refused to admit he made any mistakes (of course), outside of the cupcake answer of a bad appointment, or two. In his response, Kerry could have shouted out 3 specific Bush failings and then given his approaches. Would have made for a stronger ending, at the least.

So, on we go to the 3rd debate. More of the same, or, could we be entertained by something entirely different?


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