Wednesday, September 22, 2004

This plane is bound for Bangor; ride on the peace plane.

They turn back Cat Stevens, but they let Marillion enter the country?

Yusuf Islam started charities for orphans and needy families in Albania, Bosnia, Iraq, Kosova & Montenegro. He supports the Nelson Mandela charities and has opened four Muslim schools in the UK. He’s spoken against terror, including the WTC attack, the Madrid bombings and recently the Beslan school siege. He’s donated royalties to the Sept 11 Victims Fund and championed Aids awareness. His Mountain of Light record label releases children’s music. He’s maintained conscientious objector status, all these years. The royalties from his international hits are donated completely to charitable causes.

"It’s all a front; a screen! And another thing, didn’t he support the fatwah against Salmon Rushdie? Sounds like a fanatic to me!"

At the time, he did. He has since recanted, chalking it up to a still immature understanding of his adopted faith. I can relate to that. He also once wrote a song about heroin. Real people make mistakes, learn lessons and grow. That is not flip-flopping.

Yusuf Islam, at least the public Yusuf Islam, is a man of peace and an inspiration.

"All the more reason to suspect him! It’s the perfect ruse. He shouldn’t be allowed in this country & deserves to be on the watch list!"


"His last name is now ‘Islam.’ All is fair in love and the war on terror."

Oh baby baby it's a wild world,

it's hard to get by, just upon a smile.


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