Monday, September 13, 2004

The real politick

a) One local republican state senator (who I could name, but even negative publicity is still publicity) is giving volunteers $20 for every voter they register as a republican. He's a silicon valley exec, who made his millions and now wants some of that Sacto powah. He's on track to outspend Ira Ruskin (and now you know who I'm talking about) 5:1.

b) It can't be substantiated, but I've personally heard this story, from new registrants, far too often for it to be a complete falsehood. If you fill out a voter registration card and you want to be sure to be registered, send it in yourself. I've heard several people have filled out cards, given them back to 'certain' tables run by certain groups - and they never hear back from their county registrar's office. Are forms getting 'lost' just because you are not filling out the proper party box?

And we want to export democracy...


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