Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Nothing to see here

Well, I'm not very chatty here am I? Lessee, what have I been doing, that you would be interested in? Not much, so instead, here's wassup:

The voter registration effort continues here in San Mateo county. As is the voter outreach to Missouri (first letter writing campaign is history and a new one begins today). You'll be pleased to know the grassroots are humpin' hard for JFK.

We took a day off to try to beat the heat up on the Banana Belt. Looked at some properties, but nothing worth the price. I know this is Northern California, but a fisherman's shack on stilts in Tomales Bay is not worth $749K! It just isn't.

Sure would be sweet though... sitting on the back porch...sipping a cool beverage... watching the great whites nuture the next Jaws.

As we drove north on 101, we got a nose and eyes-full of smoke from the Healdsburg fires. Nasty stuff up there. Luckily the winds haven't kicked into high gear.


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