Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just desserts...

...Yee shall reap what yee sow... What goes around, comes around... Instant karma's gonna get you... The love you make is equal to the love you make... Dharma dharma dharma, do you love me?

The news is not good, for the Bush Leaguers:

* Hard evidence Bush's suspension from flight status was because he failed to perform to standards of the Air Force and Texas Air National Guard; his "failure to meet annual physical examination (flight) as ordered;" and that he received favorable treatment while doing his guard time.

* The US military death toll in Iraq eclipsing 1,000.

* The record billion dollar budget deficit is ‘larger than expected,’ with multi-trillion-dollar deficit projections for the future.

* Cheney's wildly reckless assertion that a Kerry victory would result in more terrorist attacks.

* Sen.Bob Graham’s charge of a Bush & FBI cover-up, of links from the Saudi government to al-Qaeda.

* Reports that the Bush Team is trying to back out of one of the three presidential debates.

* Rasmussen's tracking poll has the presidential race tied again.

* Log Cabin Republicans refusing to endorse Bush.

* Two-thirds of our 'traditional allies' maintaining they don't want to see a second Bush presidency.

* And then there's Kitty Kelley, charging Dubya was packing his nose with Columbia's finest at Camp David. Long after he said he was sober and had found Hay-sous.

The crowd began to riot and they grabbed hold of the man,
There was pushing, there was shoving and everybody ran.
The T.V. crew was there to film it, they jumped right over me,
Later on that evening, I watched it on T.V.. BD, TV Talking Blues


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