Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Jeb Pulls a Crazy Ivan in Florida

Monday, Florida's elections chief announced Ralph Nader's name can appear on Florida ballots for the election, despite a court order to the contrary.


Well, Hurricane Ivan, of course.

Division of Elections director Dawn Roberts said the uncertainty of Hurricane Ivan, which could hit parts of the state by week's end, forced her to act. But Florida Circuit Court Judge Kevin Davey issued a temporary injunction last week preventing the state from putting Nader on the 2004 ballot, siding with a Democratic challenge that the Reform Party did not qualify as a national party under state law.

(I know that begs the question - are the democrats being disingenuous too? As much as it is a fringe party, The Reform Party does qualify as a national party, in other states. But hey, we're not Florida election law experts here, are we?)

A hearing on a permanent injunction is scheduled for Wednesday and the hurricane isn't expected to hit Tallahassee anyway. Still, Jeb thought he saw an opening and went for the crazy ivan:

"It's up to the judge to determine, based on the law, whether Nader should be on the ballot or not," Bush said. "But while that process goes on, we cannot put ourselves in the position where the ministerial role of the supervisors cannot be fulfilled."

Meaning, just go ahead and put Nader on (at least) the damn absentee ballots.

When the rain comes
They run and hide their head.
You might as well be dead.
When the rains come.


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