Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A Bright Shining Lie, Part Deux

Here’s an excerpt from Paul Krugman’s column:

Now Mr. Bush hopes that by pretending that Mr. Allawi is a real leader of a real government, he can conceal the fact that he has led America into a major strategic defeat.

That's a stark statement, but it's a view shared by almost all independent military and intelligence experts.

Put it this way: it's hard to identify any major urban areas outside Kurdistan where the U.S. and its allies exercise effective control. Insurgents operate freely, even in the heart of Baghdad, while coalition forces, however many battles they win, rule only whatever ground they happen to stand on.

I am so utterly sick of Bush’s fantasy spin and outright BS.

('A Bright...' was a powerfully disturbing read. And it appears inevitable there will be a sequel)


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