Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Tonight, I make peace with the tube:

BEASTIE BOYS - David Letterman
NOFX -Conan O'Brien
USHER W/ LIL JOHN - Carson Daley

But first, MoveOn will be running a new series of ads, during the republican convention. Academy Award-winning documentary film director Errol Morris has been interviewing former Bush voters on camera, and he's cut seventeen ads that tell their stories. Help choose the ads that will best convince undecided and swing voters to vote for John Kerry. View and Vote here.

I really tried viewing as if I was an undecided voter. That hurt my head. I worked from my pet stereotype, that most swing types still hold to another old stereotypes: Republicans and Conservatives = fiscal responsibility and against 'handouts to the undeserving.' The guy least likely to mess with my stash - that's the guy to vote for.

Channeling this (self-absorbed? nah) attitude, I gave my highest votes to the ads featuring Sid Hasan "Risk" & Richard Dove "Conservation."


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