Monday, August 16, 2004

Not Swift

(courtesy of MoveOn)

Last week, a group of far-right Bush allies released an ugly and outrageous swing-state ad which claims that John Kerry faked his injuries, betrayed his troops, and "dishonored his country" in Vietnam. The ad features people who falsely say they served with John Kerry and who make numerous provably false accusations about Kerry's war record.

The “Swift Boat” ad is so far beyond the pale that even Senator John McCain, a Bush supporter, spoke out about it, calling it "dishonest and dishonorable." Yet despite Senator McCain's request that President Bush "specifically condemn" the ad, Bush refuses to say anything about it.

MoveOn PAC is generating a petition, calling for President Bush to condemn this Kerry slander ad. The petition will be delivered to Bush on the campaign trail.

If you agree that Bush must repudiate and reject these smear tactics, sign the petition now HERE.

Also, here is the Kerry Fact Check, responding to the 'ad.'


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