Tuesday, August 03, 2004

It's all in the now


I don't like to take advantage of the potential perks of being married to an IT exec. After all, I could once do assembly language coding on Z-8s and 6502s! Load accumulator, he commanded. And the silicon responded. But our home computers' and network issues had reached ridiculous levels. I had to ask for...help.

And NOW, I am in awe. Everything works again. Better than ever.

Tuesday Walks

My tuesday hike took me down to Big Sur today. A serious workout (vertical, baby!), but with stunning payoff pacific vistas. With a very nice stand of redwoods in the back country. Offshore was what I will henceforth call "shit rock;" a rock islet with a crown of white sea bird crap completely covering it. The sea lions apparently love it. I saw a women essentially swoon when she reached the top of a lookout ridge, after a very long uphill climb. Her climbing buddies had arrived earlier and had laid out a spread of wine and cheese (tourists!) for her. I guess it was all too much. She bopped her head as she hit the ground and got a bloody nose. Hope the wine took the edge off the moment.

I also saw a most adorable grey fox yearling pup on the way down the mountain. I was upwind and above him on the trail, so he didn't notice me for enough time for me to get a good look. Had a little white spot on the end of his tail. Cuuuuute. Wild baby animals are the best.

By the way, did I mention we've had coveys of quail and a huge (almost 6 ft in length) gopher snake visiting slipping acres this past week?

Obligatory Socio-political statement

We have got to get it together, we have got to get it together NOW. That was originally sung 35 frickin years ago. And we still ain't got it.

So, question: How soon is NOW?
Ans: (I am the sun and the earth)?


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