Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Skinny Kid With A Funny Name

The painfully deep divisiveness that plagues our nation, can - WILL - end.

With as much objectivity as I can muster, I say: the convention oratory tonight was gloriously transcendent.

And I'm not just talking about Barack Obama.

But we MUST first talk about Mr. Obama.

You know I'm old enough to have heard some fairly inspirational speeches. It goes without saying guys like Martin, John and Robert had brilliant moments. They were the best in their earlier, equally turbulent, times. Theirs was an ability to speak beyond partisanship and directly to the hearts of Americans. Their greatness came from their ability to nuture, to inspire. We drew sustanance, deeply, from their words and convictions. Their words made us all better people.

Barack Obama - a skinny kid with a funny name - is the next in their noble bloodline. In fact, he may be better.

Bill Clinton speaks eloquently and engagingly. He's bright, charming. He makes us feel good. Jimmy Carter reminds us morality and compassion operate on a higher plane than we've come to expect recently, when we hear others in Washington use those words. Guys like Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy mean well; but hey guys...sorry... you sound played. Take a beach holiday and enjoy the waning summer days.

I hope you got to hear Barack Obama. I was honestly and royally awed by him tonight. He has got some MEGA skillz. And he seems genuine; the real deal. Dear lord, I hope he is.

What is the perfect political pallet cleaner, after such a robust main course? None other than The Good Ron Reagan Jr. No one could miss his plea 'to vote for stem cell research' as an endorsement for Kerry. But the power of his speech, coming after Obama's keynote, was in continuing the theme that Unity and Good can return to this country's agenda. It's far too trite, but I have to evoke it: Camelot. Just once, ok?

And finally, Teresa Heinz Kerry. I've heard some dems, at least here in the small volunteering circles I'm haunting, 'worry' about her. As if 'their' Man might not win because she is who she is. How perfectly undemocratic of you bogus Dems! Anyone who 'worries' about Ms. Heinz Kerry needs to vote for Bush.

Some are trying to paint her as hard to manage, unspinnable, too quick to speak her own voice. An uppity wife. I don't know if it's true, but I get the impression some dem politicos are also unhappy with her unapologetic affection for her first husband. As if love should take a back-seat to expediency. As if she cannot love two men, each in their own time and way. You Go Teresa; give them hell. The Republicans AND the career Dems. Tonight she came across as a sincere, thoughtful individual; one who has lived a deeply felt and meaningful life. One with perhaps it's share of deep sorrow. You can see it in her eyes (Kerry has the same eyes, come to think of it). She was mindful and aware. I think the furthest thing from her mind would be the end justifies the means. I want people like that sleeping with our next president.

Oh, Arianna's convention floor blog is interesting reading.


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