Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Question

Assume that you have been a frugal person and put away enough of a nest-egg that you and your sig. other could live out the rest of your days without having to work in the corporate grind anymore. Assume further that you had a reasonably-sized (not huge) lump of extra money to use to start a small business; with the intent that it could amuse you, burn daylight hours and bring you fulfillment for said rest of days. Assume you're going to be 50 years old this year.

You like to travel, but you and S.O. have already seen a big chunk of the world, so you don't feel a driving compulsion to travel full-time. A vacation, or three, a year would do you fine. You participate in various community volunteer efforts and have already decided you can/should/will do more. Except that from the bit you're doing now, you've come to realize there is lots of bureaucracy involved and don't feel too excited about full immersion in same.

You have little genuine artistic talent, but you love it all. You're more of a 'supporter' of the arts. Animals rule your world. Exercise (particularly for the SO) is a regular aspect in your day to day.

You enjoy dealing with the public, yet are sick and tired of bullshit artists (see earlier reference to 'corporate grind'). You want to simplify things, but still crave meaning and probably, if you're honest, a bit of notoriety. You like success, but not at the expense of others, or the environment. Relocation is an option.

So, what do you do for the next 25, or so, years?


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