Thursday, June 03, 2004

Spy vs Spy vs even more Spies

So much Spook news these days!

Top US spy guy Tenet resigns. Ex-top US spy guy Turner says Bush pushed Tenet out. Amateur Iraqi Sleuth Chalabi, specialist in finding Nigerian Yellow Cake, is fuming at newly ex-top US spy guy, for ratting out his sweet deal. Newly ex-top US spy guy whines that Chalabi went over to the other side - telling Iranian spies that US spies have cracked their secret codes.

There's an interesting side story to this. That being, how do we know Chalabi spilled the beans? Well, we are told US spies listened in on a top Iranian spy guy, using the very same comprised secret code formatting to tell his home spy guys, "guess what? This code is cracked by US spooks! Chalabi told me so!" Get real - only Maxwell Smart would make such a stupid error.

Speaking of stupid, we've got Chalabi's amateur sleuthing to thank, in part, for the mess that is Iraq. Big Dick Cheney liked Chalabi's Yellow Cake stories more than anything Tenet had to say. Chalabi gets his crib seriously messed up. Tenet is (probably) forced to resign. White and Black Spies both blow up, in this installment.

And finally, we get to that Ultimate Junior G-Man, Secret Agent Bush. He's got two, count 'em, I Spy vignettes in the making.

First, he's hired a lawyer to advise him during the grand jury investigation into who leaked the name of lady spook Valerie Plame. Hmmm, forget I Spy, maybe it's more of a Deep Throat sequel.

The other spy pulp fiction, is Bush trying to act like he didn't even know Chalabi, at yesterday's press conference. Sorry but he needs more work on that "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Chalabi" face. Here's the official release - you'll have to scroll down a ways to find the Me,Chalabi? GetOuttaTown! section.

Luckily, spies are everywhere now. Otherwise known as bloggers with deep network image browsing capability. Here's a page to remind Secret Agent Bush, that Chalabi knows you, knows your pals and hangs with your woman at state functions.

And who said the end of the cold war was bad for the spy business?


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