Thursday, June 24, 2004

Georgie's got a gun.

1. The story of Bush & Saddam Hussein's pistol.

2. But what he really wants... is an Uzi.

If nothing proactive happens on Capitol Hill, between now and Sept 14, the 10 year ban on assault weapons is over and done with. Or, as the NRA says and I quote:

"Many Capitol Hill analysts believe that the federal ban on so-called "assault weapons" (cosmetically incorrect guns) will sunset by its own terms on Sept. 13, 2004. Thus, on Sept. 14, 2004, Bill of Rights activists may wake up to find that the Clinton anti-gun legacy has been almost entirely erased. As President Ford once said, in a different context, "Our long national nightmare is over."

To celebrate the 3 year and 3 day anniversary of 9 One One, all US-based Al Qaeda sleeper cells could have easy access to assault weapons.

If Bush does nothing, if he does not push Congress to act, he guarantees the ban expires.

No Action is Good Action, in the eyes of the NRA. And the NRA has promised to withhold its presidential endorsement, until after the assault weapons ban has expired.

Care to sign a petition, to get Bush to do something?


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