Monday, June 07, 2004

Comfy anniversary camping

Give the Fed credit for one thing - $7.00 for a campsite is a ton of value for your entertainment dollar. This weekend, we camped at a boat-in campsite on Lake Sonoma.

We used the kayaks to haul in our gear. The map on this page shows the lake layout. It took about 2 hours to paddle in, from the public boat ramp to the Black Mountain site. That's a long time, but still pretty decent, given we were paddling against the wind. Coming back was a breeze, literally. I estimate it was about 8 miles, as the heron flies. We saw two - sure would be nice if we could relocate our interloper who continues to visit our koi pond. He was here again this morning. No breakfast for him today though - the Scarecrow seems to be doing the trick.

I live for weekends like this one. Even with the powerboats and the jet ski crowd harshing the buzz on parts on the lake. Luckily, our site was in a no-wake zone, so it was very peaceful there. We saw only one other non-powered water vessel. A couple in a canoe gliding by was a welcome site. At least we weren't the only people feeling a good muscle burn by the fire Saturday evening.

The hills of Sonoma have such a unique beauty to them. Sensually undulating, comfortably rounded & toasty golden. We were going to do some hiking, but mutually decided the paddling was enough exercise. Instead, Deb & I celebrated 22 years together, chilling it at the campsite, soaking up the scenery. The lake also chilled for us a bottle, or two, of some delicious Lake Sonoma Winery '03 Fume Blanc we picked up at the winery on the drive in. 40% off to boot! You can't help but feel pretty darn genki, watching the sun go down and the stars come out - with a pretty nice tent-mate - as the stew begins to bubble and the vino soothes the muscles. My favorite wine/food pairing line is 'if it grows together, it goes together.' The same sentiment applies to the wine and its' terroire. I don't think it's bogus to say I sensed the connection between the wine and the smells, the feel, of the area. The bouquet of the wine paired deeply and undeniably, with the warm breezes off the hillsides. Bottled Sonoma. Happy anniversary, baby.


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