Thursday, June 17, 2004

The beauty of the high sierra and she's looking out for you...

Mule deer and spruce grouse and bears (oh my)
Marmots and chipmunks and Bears (oh my)
Hummers and peckers and BEARS (oh my)
Garters and froggies and BEARS! (oh my!)

Valleys and vistas and bears (oh my)
Lost lakes and Clouds Rest and Bears (oh my)
'squitos and White Wolf and BEARS (oh my)
Sequoia, Tenaya and BEARS! (oh my)

Koi chat at campfires and bears (oh my)
Folklore and John Muir and Bears (oh my)
Hiking and 'seeing and BEARS (oh my)
Wineing not whining and BEARS! (oh my)

Meadows and sunsets and bears (oh my)
Prim. camps and deep sleeps and Bears (oh my)
Good peeps and camp eats and BEARS (oh my)
4 days and 3 nights and BEARS! (oh my)

But the truly appropriate soundtrack, for me, is
Boz Scaggs' "Sierra".

Try clicking on this, then on the Boz Scaggs link there, for the song


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