Wednesday, May 12, 2004

War Crimes

The Abu Ghraib prison atrocities and the terrible murder of Nick Berg leave me speechless. Hopefully by this evening, in time for my local Democrat volunteers meeting, I will find my voice.

All of this insanity must end. Kerry must speak out, forcefully, for what is right. As Arianna Huffington's latest advice says:

Dear Senator Kerry,

...Let Bush own September 11th and the politics of fear. You should own September 12th - the spirit of generosity and community that poured forth in the aftermath of the attacks - and the politics of hope.

Offer voters a bold moral vision of what America can be. A vision that is bigger than the things that divide us. A vision that brings hope and soul back to our politics and appeals to more than voters' narrow self-interests. A vision that makes America once again a respected force for good in the world...


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