Friday, May 14, 2004

Less Is More

The local college stations are playing the pants off that new 15 minute Wilco tune, "Less Than You Think," off of their upcoming A Ghost Is Born. U like it? I do, but there is a fair amount of homage Tweedy should be paying out.

I haven't bothered deciphering the lyrics yet. I'm still just listening to the riffage. Clearly, someone has been playing their Spacemen3 lps. LTYT is a blend of very 60's psychedelic lead guitar noodling - and I mean that, in every sense possible - with 'Lab-like 90's chugga-chugga. The good old fashioned live improv feel, combined with the 15 minutes of room to move in, means some of what results is BS, some is bliss. Which is the way it ought to be. Tums Up.


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