Sunday, May 23, 2004

Devendra Banhart - Rejoicing In The Hands.

DB will be touring the US this summer. If you like your evening's entertainment gentle and charming - but also plesantly perplexing - this is your kind of singer/songwriter. What a great guy! He's a folkie, but he's not following any folk formulas. Just start with the lyrics. At first listen, they seem to be stream of consciousness non-sequiturs. Upon repeated listens they begin to unfold and show themselves for what they are - deep-felt and real expressions of a wide emotional range. Some might say, it's life. You will also realize then his is one funny, twisted and tricky mind.

His vocals have a quivery timbre, a la Marc Bolan; or, remember that doofusy Paul Williams? His acoustic guitar playing is equally unique and imaginative: odd, meditative, poignant and playful. It all adds up to a most satisfying listen. Skip Spence, Tom Waits and even Chan Marshall fans should all get a kick out of Devendra. And see him live! score: 4/5


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