Monday, April 26, 2004

Too - Too - Too Hot To Blog...

...I mean the weather, not me. Well ok..., whatever you say, gorgeous, he said, snickeringly.

Oh no. It's so hot, I seem to be channeling Paul Lynde. I won't blame you if you leave now, before it's too late. This could get much worse. I'm delirious with the heat. Delirious, I say!

Annnyywaay, I did so want to toss out here a semi-lucid, semi-detailed, impression of David Byrne's "Grown Backwards". But I've blown the mood - never let Paul Lynde enter your mind, if you want to use it for something, unLyndeian, afterward. The desire may come back to me; but probably not tonight. I feel a little guilty now, calling this a 'general music' blog, in those blog-rolling things. How long has it been since I've written anything about music? No one noticed? Thank you.

I promise myself: I will write about Byrne's latest.

I could also write about some newly received rehearsal recordings of Sofa and Bruddah Kuz. Yes, that would be good too.

And then, I am rather happy the Beastie Boys are finally getting around to rebuilding the 5 Boroughs, this summer. Why yes, you're right - that would be fun to discuss!

Snickeringly - it is SO a word. In fact, it's myyy liiiiife!

Out, Lynde! Out, I say!

Treatment for removal of Paul Lynde from your brain:

Say, in your best cockney accent: "...'ave you been peekin' at me mum's bum?"

There. Feel better?

You didn't say it snickeringly, did you? Oh, good god.


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