Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Get AWAY From Me

Apparently my Blogging Muse (Bluse?) is otherwise engaged. Struggling through on my own:

If anyone else is also falling into a deep catatonic state, via listening to Diana Krall, you may want to revivitate with Nellie McKay's "Get Away From Me." Yes, the title is a punny dig at the Norah Jones juggernaut. I can't say the double disc is life-altering, front to back, but it has its moments. Most of all, it sounds fresh, opininated and careless. Which is exactly why Sting is having her out on his summer tour - the vampire.

But what would really bring out the St. Vitus Dance in me, would be if Cait O'Riordan would come out of seclusion and release her "South." Elvis Costello's "North" demands a rebuttal. Elvis, you're no Marvin Gaye (reference "Here, My Dear.").

So many bolds, so many italics. Bluse, where are you, bubba?


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