Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Post Super Tuesday Optimism

A dialog on The Left Coaster poli-blog has raised an interesting answer to the questions "What now for Howard Dean? What will be his role, if any?"

Although I haven't been a big fan, even before the implosion, I have to agree it's right to give the guy a lot of the credit for the revitalization of the democratic party. Without Dean, I personally doubt Kerry would have ever become the strong contender he is now.

Dean has clearly got some skills. He's an innovative fund-raiser. He brought the youth, and then maintained unflagging enthusiasm within this support base. The suggestion to Dean's ongoing role was - make him head of the DNC. His strengths are weaknesses in Kerry. Right there, it's a plus. Also since the media has already sidled him with the 'angry man' image, he can provide the heavy offense, continue slamming Bush's record hard. The electorate may not want to see that in their candidate; but a tough guy, working behind the scenes, that isn't as difficult to swallow. Trump Rove.

Kerry can then focus on developing The Message and getting a VP who helps insure the states where he is weak.

I still like Edwards as veep and now, with Dean heading DNC... hey, it almost sounds like the dream lead-off batting lineup. Bush-leaguers won't stand a chance.


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