Friday, March 26, 2004

No Five

1. Earlier, I posted a friday five... about the weather. I then realized it was even less interesting than talking about the same. I hope you didn't read it. If you did, sorry.

2. A police car drove up and down our street maybe 5 times this morning. Each pass seemed a little more urgent. Then, he left. News worthy? No.

3. November [nəʊ'vɛmbə] is the eleventh month of the year. But the etymology of it is from the Latin novem nine, the ninth month. You think someone would have fixed that by now.

4. Since I had the dictionary open to the 'no-' section (I sometimes cheat when writing here), I also found this: nombril: n. Heraldry; the point halfway between the fess point and the base of the shield. A fess point is at the center of a shield. So if to herald is to announce, to fess up almost makes sense not simply as shortened slang for confess. To coin a new phrase, maybe we could say we nombril out, when telling a partial truth. I've got to put the dictionary away.

5. I said no 5.


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