Friday, March 12, 2004

Fri-5, more dead than alive

1. Like band promo pics? Here's the motherlode: Hall of Douchebags.

2. Ah, if only I were young again. 4am Last Call Ammendment AB 2433. Show your support, if you still have the energy to stay up that late, here.

3. Music? Sure.
How about Eleni Mandell, for das twang (take note, Wolf). For sublime electronica, with jazz notes, check out my old musicdotcom bud, Nyles Lannon. He's got a new solo release, "Chemical Friends," but I can't find a link to it. Instead, check out his equally worthy earlier release "Astronomy For Children." His nom de musica is N.LN. He's currently touring in the band Film School.

4. Books? OK.
Instead of seeing The Passion of The Mel, buy "A History of God," by Karen Armstrong. Insightful history makes me hungry, so I also suggest the mother of all French cookbooks: "The French Menu Cookbook," by Richard Olney.

5. I'll pass on politics today. It's too nice outside.


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