Thursday, March 11, 2004

flash and flair

Spring- or maybe it's already summer - has sprung and my mind turns to...street theater! Or, in the current venacular - flash mobs. It's a good tradition; I hope it never goes out of style. The Situationists, for example. Or, how about joining a Cacophony Society lodge near you?

But as with all good things, there is an evil analog: commercially-encouraged wackiness. Or, in the parlance, flair.

Apparently, I haven't been in a TGI Fridays for a while. When did the wait-staff stop wearing flair buttons? Was it pre, or post, "Office Space"? I like that movie!

Here's a concise description of Jennifer Aniston's flair scene, in a Daily Princetonian piece, no less.

Italics were so designed for the word flair.

Speaking of TGIF, here's an annoying bit of trivia: All TGIF's have one authentic Tiffany lamp shade in their restaurants. It is the one hung upside down. More annoying things here.

In case you are wearing just the minimum amount of flair, may I suggest something from here? I like this and this.


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