Friday, March 19, 2004

Aging rapidly friday fIve

1. A 25 year old came up with this one: I have a bad memory which makes nostalgia take a long time and a little bit surreal, from a stream of consciousness point of view.

2. As Shecky Greene might say, he should live twice as long. Then...he'll be my age. Oy vey.

3. That Dylan. He's so inspirational. I wish I could be as naturally cool as he. As part of the promo for his latest bootleg series release (vol 6 is the '64 Halloween Concert), he's hooked up with The Independent Record Store Directory. Not with WalMart. Not with some other MegaChain. Just the IRD. It's the little things that will someday change the world.

4. On that very same webpage you'll see a picture of the cover of the newly reissued Paul Simon Songbook album (the PSS). To celebrate this momentous occasion, I would like to propose a PSS Global Happening. Similar to the Harmonic Convergence, but oh so groovy. The idea is to get as many couples (cats and chicks) as possible to strike the same pose as Paul and this Lucky Girl on the album cover, at the exact same moment. Appropriate attire (sweaters) only, please. If you do it with your car parked near a body of water, with the headlights on, you rule. How about April 1, noon? Slow down, you're movin' too fast. Got to make the mornin' last.

5. As an old guy, I'm entitled to repeat all my bad jokes. Instead of harmonic convergence, I used to love to say harmonica convention! That is all for now; go and make a mess of your weekends.


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