Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Wanna See Acres Slipping?

Here's a pretty slick USGS computer simulation, of what's become known as The Polhemus Slide of '97. The road you see being covered up is Polhemus Rd, in San Mateo county. If you trace a line from the houses in the picture towards the right about 600 yards, that's right where I am. Hello.

Our place - and 3 other adjacent homes - also experienced a similar 'deep-seated slump' slide. Only our slide didn't reach all the way down the hill to cover up Polhemus; so we don't get any respect. Maybe if we gave our slide a catchy name....the Just Short Of Polhemus Slide, or Kinda Deep-Seated Polhemus Slump Slide? The Chump Slump Slide?

By the way, San Franciscans, did you know a major water-line of yours, connecting you to Crystal Springs Reservoir lies directly beneath Polhemus Rd? Uh-huh. And there's no back-up for it, if it fails. Like, you know, if a big pile of dirt covers up Polhemus again, crushing the old pipe? And it is old. The Water Depts. Capital Improvements Budget was 'reallocated' regularly, by that wacky fedora-wearing Hizzoner of days gone by. But that's water under the bridge now, right?

Anyway, the Water Dept folks were finally voted money in 2002 to rebuild a big chunk of the delivery system; all the way from Hetch Hetchy, to the Sunset Reservoir. They say they'll get around to starting construction on a new bypass tunnel under Polhemus maybe in... '06.

It was raining here today...a lot... kind of like... back in '97...


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