Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Sweet Sounds

May I get Material here? Just for one second? I'm upgrading. SACD surround sound, here I come.

Until very recently, I was perfectly content to be a stereo (L-R) soundstage guy. Pump enough watts into two speakers and it felt alright. But technology waits for no man and the latest SACD 5.1 components and releases have spoken to me. I must upgrade. I am upgrading.

I now have on order a 6 piece surround sound speaker set from Bowers & Wilkins. They look and they sound like buttah. We'll drive them with the Pioneer Elite A/V receiver and All Formats Disc Player. And just because this setup would be silly without a video component, I had to get a Sharp LCD widescreen.

Now, comes the hard part - what music to buy? I have already bought a few 'favorites,' but I'm also interested in using this as an opportunity to fill in two glaring gaps in my musical knowledge - Classical and World. SACD format has lots to pick from in the former category; no as much yet, in the later. Oh well, I guess I'll have to suffer with well recorded stereo.

Mohammed has been turning me onto African musicians. We started with Mali (Habib Koite, Salif Keita, Nass Marrakech). 3 for 3 , Mohammed. Where to next? Morrocco?

So, anyone/everyone - do you have any SACD suggestions?
Molto grazie.


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