Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Someone Controls Electric Guitar

All this energy out there, thanks to presidential politics. It's quite a force to tap into. The feeling is so vital. Conversations, over beers and wine, getting heavy. Blogs are bloated with power - and the fight against it. The raging rain storm we're getting hammered by right now, is taxing the drain pipes. I'm doing my best to unclog them; trying to keep the resistance to the flow low.

It's times like these that make me re-listen to Talking Heads (how's that for making flippy-floppy?)! Lyrically, there's so much there still resonating. Everyone sing: "our president's crazy. dododododo. did you hear he what he said?"

For the progessives, David Byrne clearly understood. Just listen to (or read the lyrics to) "The Democratic Circus", off the less influential "Naked" album. But girlfriend is best: "Fear Of Music," "Remain In Light," "Speaking In Tongues" & "True Stories" all have messages that are truer than ever before.

To close on the upbeat, hi yo, we drift in and out. hi yo, sing into my mouth. (Possibly a 'Naive Melody', but let's hope it isn't also a naive lyric).

Postscript: can you tell, I finally just picked up the reissued, complete, Stop Making Sense live soundtrack? Yes, True Story and it is AWESOME. In fact, it's better than that ( it?).


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