Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Scuzziest Scumbag

I could say Ann Coulter is scum. But scum at least has a pedigree - as an unavoidable byproduct of useful biochemical processes. To label her scum might suggest we have to accept her, as part of a healthy system. But we don't. Coulter is the scum of scum. Filth squared. Waste that even the toilet doesn't deserve.

In her February 11 'column,' she disgraces her profession, her gender and her species, by denigrating a distinguished American in a most callous manner. No, I won't link to it...might get cooties.

But if you would like to read the true story of Max Cleland's Vietnam injuries, here it is, as told today, by his commanding officer in Vietnam.

A day or so ago, a republican voter I know, confided he's seriously thinking of voting for Kerry. Why? "I'm disappointed in all the misleading." CBS is showing Kerry favored over Bush, 48 to 42%. The imbecilic Coulter and the rest of her loathsome kind are winning the war for the other side. After the victory, the scum of all scum will be flushed down the toilet of all toilets and we'll finally get to breath some good air again.


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