Monday, February 23, 2004

A Nader In The Works

Q: Who will vote for Ralph Nader?

A: First, who won't:

None of Kerry's current backers. No republicans, or republican swing-voters. Anyone voting ABB - Anyone But Bush will vote for the strongest non-dubya candidate - definitely not Nader.

That leaves - Kuchinich's and Dean's people, maybe some of Al Sharpton's. If Nader is going to be stealing Democratic votes, this is where he'll get some support.

And... oh yeah, I guess there are still some swing and undecideds out there.

Q: So given that, can Kerry win?

A: Sure. In fact, I think it's simple... and Nader is irrelevant to the strategy.

If the Democrats really want to win this thing, instead of worrying about well-meaning but misguided (this time) Ralphie, they ought to be working on Edwards to agree to being Kerry's VP this time around. That annoying Electoral College thing requires a strong showing in each state. And Edwards on the ticket would INSURE THE SOUTH. Come on guys, it's not rocket science.

I'll say it again: Kerry/Edwards would trounce Bush/Cheney.


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