Wednesday, January 14, 2004

miscellaneous mid-week morning musings

I have all sorts of reactions to Bush's new space 'initiative' - most of them negative. Apparently, he's even spoiled my appreciation for NASA. But in the interest of brevity, here's the gist: We have no need for a manned Mars program at this time. Fix the mess you have already created Dubya and quit screwing around. I'm becoming ever more resigned to the 'Anyone But Bush' strategy. I'm thinking I'll have to table my 'Vote My Convictions' conviction. Bush has got to go.

I don't usually remember dreams. But last night I had a vivid encounter with my paternal grandparents, circa 1966 vintage. Facial expressions, mannerisms, voices; it was all very clear. It was good.

Whomever invented the self-cleaning oven deserves immortality.

If you haven't read Simon Singh's "Fermat's Last Theorem," remedy that asap. I'll even send you this copy.


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