Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I just wanna show you, what my politics are

We, of busted Cally-forny-e-a, apparently need entertaining. Lucky for us, cause Ahnold's here (and like dat) and he's gonna bring it.

His state of the state speech today was... Big Time. He wants to blow things up, encourage radical suggestions for change, talk about bullets as budgets, frozen mastadons - yes, he used this, as a metaphor. Think of the bulging forehead veins. Imagine the refrigerator white, disturbingly canine denture plates. The trademark Predi-tator pupil-glint. Encase it all in a tight leather facial skin mask, the biochemical side-effect of too many tanning salons appt's and face-lifts (Hollywood Organic Chemistry 205). Imagine it all and say 'frozen mastadon!'

Oh yeah, it's showtime.

At one point he said he wanted to be The California Job Czar. It's a reference to his interest in acting as the number one salesman for California. The best part was his admission went something like, 'I'm a salesperson at heart. And if I can sell tickets to [insert a couple of names of Arnold's movie bombs here], you know I can sell anything.'

Ah, me oh my. I think it will be different.

Anyone else hear the NPR radio broadcast of the Democratic candidate debate? Howard Dean is sounding muy macho, about his chances. Dennis Kucinich, Allah bless him, seems resigned to the fact he hasn't a chance. Lieberman and Gephardt need to take a nice long cruise together and leave us alone. Kerry, Edwards and Moseley Braun made little impression upon me; neither pro nor con. Not presidential enough, I guess. Al Sharpton, you were sorely missed. Wesley Clark, you were not.

Baring a major surprise independent bid, I guess this means it's going to be Dean vs. Dubya. The media has been making lots of noise about Dean's temper. Well, our Dear Leader is plenty scrappy too, don'tcha know. I think we could see some blood-letting, in this race. Dubya and Dean, dueling at dawn.

If only one of them had the style of Aaron Burr. Now that would make it truly entertaining.

Last of all, let me say I think Al Franken's Liars book is major. Ripping. Awesome. But hearing him speak today about his visit to Iraq, where he did his version of the Bob Hope routine for the troops was brilliantly... small. Small and endearing, engaging and wonderfully real. Funny too.

Al Franken is the current American voice of sanity and humanity. Vote for AL, in each and every election possible.


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