Sunday, January 25, 2004

Global Submit This!

If you receive an email that references my blog, in something similar to the following fashion, I have nothing to do with this. Frickin' spammer abuse - morons!

I've sent notifications to blogger and haloscan to be on the lookout for further abuses. I'm sorry if this is causing anyone an inconvenience. Again, ignore/delete these email messages!!

Subject: Regarding:
Date: Sat, January 24, 2004 6:58 pm


This e-mail has been sent to inform you that your
web site URL has been submitted to our search engine
database. This is the URL that will be added.

DATE : 01/24/2004 18:58:58
IP ADDR : Unknown IP. User had used an automated software for url submission

In order to complete this request we require that you
click on the web site link below. This will confirm
that you do wish to be added to our search engine.

If you feel that you received this message in error
or you did not have your web site submitted to our
search engine, please click on the link below. We
will make every effort to make sure that you are
no longer bothered by this automated system.

Thank you and please have a nice day tech Staff
1 819 571 4943


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