Monday, January 05, 2004

Change, Makes You Wanna Hustle - the commercial mix

The inclusion of cherished musical memories into commercials continues unabated. It may even be accelerating. I shouldn't care, I know. It's the norm now; get used to it. But every now and then an ad comes along that rechaps my arse.

Looking at this ad-music science, I see two basic demographics in tune selection - the [Nissan] indie-cred, boho-fabulous, flavor of the month and the [Chevy] rock-daddy, nostalgic chestnut.

Of the two, I'm not sure which I find more repugnant. With the former, corporate muscle [or... cash] usurps the trendy kids options for finding and defining 'their' sound. How lame is it to go to your neighborhood record store and ask for 'the song they're playing on the Dodge Vegamatic commerical?' Of course, that's probably not how it happens. The trendy, yet obviously unclued kid, probably googles the commercial and finds some other twerp has blogged about the song.

I realize the ad usually means a big-ass paycheck for the band. And everyone can't have A-R-T-Y aspirations, when they gotta eat. So, here's a compromise. Mr Ad Campaign guy, why not commission a brand new song, for your commercials? That used to happen, every now and then. I, for one, would buy your stuff. Think of it sorta like your Super Bowl Commericals - but on a regular basis. Think of the media coverage!

As far as old musical memories in commericals, that's become almost trite. It's a sign of the times that what was once about counter-culture, is now of the machine. Recently, I noticed Coors Beer has a 'Rock On' campaign. Although neither Andrew W.K, nor AC/DC, should be labeled 'counter-culture,' Coors still has some big barley balls, using this music.


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