Wednesday, December 03, 2003

What was once painful, is already missed?

Only 2 days ago, who was complaining about having to pick holiday songs for this year's compilation? Me, that's who. And why? I don't know. I'm done already. How hard could it have been?

In fact, once I got started, I finished it in one marathon monday night session, avec headphones. Now comes the hard part - avoiding the temptation to fiddle with it. Swapping a track with another; changing the sequence in all twenty-one factorial possible permutations.

Soon, the truly chronic symptons will manifest themselves. The self-editorializing. "Is the mood too... subdued?" No; it will be great to listen to in front of a nice fire. "Well then, maybe it's too rawkous, in spots?" Define too rawkous.

Too different. Too similar.
Too varied. Too linear.
Too, too
Toot toot ti toot.
It's done and that's all that matters. Make the damn copies and let's move onto the new year.

But, what about the Fantoma Records comp...haven't even listened to that...or the new thing with Louis Phillippe's Xmas sun....

Word to me, the self:
Do not under any circumstances, relisten to the My Morning Jacket christmas ep. Some things are better left in the attic. But I know some new MMJ fans. I could impress them. No; RESIST! If you really want to impress them, send it to them. OK, master.

Final word to self:
Stop trying to write in the split-personalitied conversational manner of Gollum.


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