Thursday, December 11, 2003

Some '03 music I liked

Nothing too out-there these days. It's been a... quiet year... for me. In alphabetical order:

Rhian Benson - Gold Coast A bit MOR for you boho-fabulous types, but if you can listen w/o prejudice, she'll satisfy.

Blur - Think Tank I like it for it's sense of... rudderlessness. Everything doesn't have to be *important* and *about * something. Remember "Ram"? I like this much more than the last Gorillaz. And so, what does that mean?

Cibelle - s/t The singer/collaborator on Suba's amazing Sao Paulo Confessions, puts out an enjoyable Brazilian fling sort of thing. Silky, smooth, with just the right dash of dj science. Six Degrees (her label) can do no wrong. Until Smokey & Miho come out with another, try Cibelle.

Peter Green Splinter Group - Reaching the Cold 100 When I need a shot of vintage true-blues rock guitar...

Isobel - Amorino Belle & Sebastian's cello player. Say no lets you be as twee as you wanna be.

Rickie Lee Jones - The Evening Of My Best Day This has grown on me. I had to mess around with track sequencing, until I found the songs. Now I got it.

Kinky - Atlas Liked their debut, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one. Confident, compelling and you can dance like crazy to it.

Massive Attack - 100th Window. Still the best, when it's chill pill time. Bonus - Sinead O'C sings.

Mescaleros - Streetcore It's not about the dead celeb - this is a fun, grand, record. Lot's of LSD references - we always had our suspicions Joe was a big ol hippie and not punk.

Jacqui Naylor - Shelter A newish jazz chanteuse. Deb and I like to sit in the sunroom to this one.

Sinead O'Connor - She Who Dwells.... Not really a new record, a collection of odd bits. Even bad Sinead is better than...

Boz Scaggs - But Beautiful I've been telling anyone who'll listen, to get this. It's real jazz balladry, baby. Chet Baker finally has serious competition.

Simply Red - Home A happy, soulful sing. Mick, um... let's call him simply, Red, in super voice.

Howard Tate - Rediscovered Speaking of great voices, one of the truly great ones is literally rediscoverd. And he sounds the same as he did 30 years ago! It's spooky, in a good way.

Tricky - Back To MineSpeaking of spooky, it's interesting to hear who Tricky listens to, when he's relaxin'.

Steve Winwood - About Time Long before the term 'jam band' existed, there was Traffic. Steve is finding his natural path again. I can't bear to listen to someone like Dave Matthews, but I can sure listen to this. Lose the genres, lose the labels, it must be something about real musicians.

86 (the band) - True Life Songs & Pictures Had to throw in one obscuro. They write amazing little 'new corn' songs. However, do try to avoid the trilogy of drinking songs they inexplicably decided to include. The rest are gems.

It Touched Me Dept:

Puffy, for 'Best Use of Hallowed Rock Imagery on CD Insert Art;' by posing Ami and Yumi in bed in the Amsterdam Hilton, a la John and Yoko. Andy Sturmer produces ALL the songs this time out. But I'm sorry to say that was not a good thing. Andy please, make nice nice with Roger Manning Jr and get interesting again.

Please Don't Touch Me Dept:

Jason Webley has perfected his I Am The Indie Tom Waits act. Words fail me.


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