Sunday, December 14, 2003

Music in the sunroom
The first house concert, in the new sunroom, seems to have been a success. I certanily enjoyed myself. Maybe it was the second house concert - but I don't think I should count making my brother-in-law's girlfriendo sing for her Thanksgiving supper. Or should I? She was good too: Joanna Gipson.

Anyway, yesterday Judith Edelman and Gawain Mathews entertained us most well indeed. Judith flew in from Nashville Friday, just to play for us. Well, half of that last sentence is true. She's an exceptional singer/songwriter - and a sweet person too. Her latest CD, Drama Queen, has rich complexity and a genuine feel. The lyrics are serious & personal, but they also reach beyond being simply confessional. They are not blogerly words - they're far better! Her voice has a pure tone and like her it's direct, warm and engaging. Very well worth checking out. She's in the Bay Area to work on a new CD. Stay tuned.

Gawain is a friend of a friend and a Welshman, now living in the Bay Area. A mighty talented guitarist, is he. It's stunning sometimes to realize how much true talent is out there... yet millions of people would rather watch American Idol.

Thanks guys and happy holidays!


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