Monday, December 01, 2003

Miscible music misery means it's the holidays

The time has come (um, I'm actually behind schedule already) for me to pick this year's songs for our holiday card/cd. It's become a bonafide holiday tradition - equal measures obligation, nostalgia, fun and torture. But I've been doing it too long to stop now.

The song selection process gets painful. Why am I forcing myself to listen to a German rockabilly label holiday compilation? Hasn't the lounge repetoire already been fully mined of the best klondike gold? There's some interesting remix stuff out now, but like most electonica, how do you fit it in properly with other non-electronica tracks? Don't get me started on power pop - grow up guys!

Usually I do find one single song, each year, which makes it all worthwhile. The one which has the perfect mix of imaginative arrangement, true-meaning-of-the-season message and basic musicianship. I haven't found that song yet. Until I do, the misery remains acute.

Oh well, onto Rise Ashen's Brazilian Beach mix of Winter Wonderland.


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