Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Personal music newz

It's been a long time since I wrote anything about music.

You're welcome.

Even though music has been a solace over the past few weeks, I've gravitated to and relied on only certain types. I couldn't do my normal roaming around. I stayed with familiar music. Music that had personal meaning.

I must be on the road back to pretension though. I picked up a big pile of stuff today. Nothing really out there, though. In fact, looking over the booty, I have to say it's pretty damn MOR. Oh well.

Anyway, if you like Norah Jones (and I do) - but wish she had more than one song - you might like Rhian Benson's "Gold Coast." This is a big Universal budget production, but there's much more than lite jazz to hear. Nice African and Middle Eastern and Caribbean arrangements. Even the slow pop ballads don't sound *that* treacly. Curiously, she avoids rap; so I guess the suits didn't have final say. It's corny, but this is music to make love to.

Or, you can try making love to Tricky's new one: "Back To Mine." Actually, it's really good! It's a compendium of songs he likes. He remixes just enough to make the rather eclectic mix blend very nicely. He calls it a 'personal collection for after hours groovin.' And who doesn't like Cure, Dr. John, Buzzcocks, Morphine, Le Tigre, Gregory Isaacs, Kate Bush, Chet Baker...hey Tricky isn't as scary as I thought!

Grooving further on down, into a vocal soul vein, I had to get Simply Red's "Home." Whoah. Now this guy's voice has truly hit it's stride. Really fantastic, all the way through. A stone funky soul groove and he's got great pipes now. Best of all, he's found the song that was truly made for him to sing: "You Make Me Feel Brand New." Listen without prejudice you hipsters; this is a great record! And while you're at it, get those last few Boz Scaggs releases too. I know you keep passing on them...Come on, Simply Red even does a Dylan cover - no excuses.

Ladytron tried something similar to Tricky, releasing a crush tape, I guess. It starts off great, with MBV's "Soon;" but I mean, everyone should know that song by now. Why include it? I like !!! and I think their inclusion is about the only other thing I'll remember from this. Pass and wait for new Le Tigre.

Another disappointing first listen was the Isley/Bacharach collaboration. With the opening notes of "Alfie" I'm wowed by Ronald's amazing voice. But then, song after song after song, old Burt makes with the mushy strings. I'll have to come back to this, later. Beatles "Naked" - hey, I'll get to that in it's own write.

Totally MOR, told you.


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