Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Homeless vets

Conservatively, one out of every four homeless people are US war veterans. The Department of Veteran Affairs takes care of over 100K homeless annually. Unfortunately, there are about 500K homeless vets. With Caesar Bush in power, there will be many, many more, veterans. It's not illogical to assume that the homeless population will also increase.

There are a number of federal programs that apparently deal with homeless vet support. All told, it seems like they are spending a couple of billion. So why is all that money only helping 20% of the people who need it? Guess I need to do so more googling...

I did find evidence that Bush has been flinching a couple of their sandwiches.

If you too are looking to the skies, in frustration with our Dear Leader, you have an opportunity to also be pleasantly distracted this week. The Leonid Showers are coming.

During lunch, I saw this sticker on the back of an Airborne Express van.


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