Monday, November 17, 2003

Change...makes you wanna Hustle

Up until recently, I've always tried to err on the side of change. Meaning, if there was something new, a new sound, fad, course of action, any general change in the status quo, I usually approached it as a positive development, until proven otherwise.

On the surface, that sounds about as useful as the opposite stance - ie, any change is no good. But I held onto the optimistic attitude that the natural evolution of things inherently moves us forward. This also helps me 'keep an open mind.' And it's hard to argue against the benefits of having one of those.

I also suspect I've kept to this tact, based in part upon my history. It's undeniable that I am a product of the generation who questioned authority; who hoped to die before we got old. Even though every generation thinks they're hotter than the previous one, our generation took the attitude to extremes. Enough so that significant social shifts were possible. That only gave more validation to my 'change is good' mindset. Now, with the younger generations changing away from the changes of my time... it's still change. Who am I to stop the flow?

Well, I don't know if age is truly catching up with me, or whether there are far more sinister forces at play these days, but I'm finding more and more reasons why I'm not such a fan of change anymore.

Maybe our new Govenor made me think this. Or, maybe it was the American Music Awards.


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