Thursday, October 30, 2003

This will be a year of 11 months.

I missed October.

Normally, October is one of my favorite months. Even the dates inexplicably have a numerological significance to me. John Lennon and my nearest neighbor as a kid, Matt, were born on 10.9. Ten, nine. Columbus Day - 10.12. It will always be 10.12 and not the second monday of the month for me (Apologies to any native americans reading this, but I'm italian. I can't help it if it's a great day to party in north beach). My birthday is in there somewhere, 10.21. Even if you don't think there's anything special about the numerals - 10.31 -, you can't deny Halloween is THE big fun holiday.

There's more reasons I love October. It's the quintessential transitional month. Summer into fall - Oct is the covered bridge between the two best seasons. Daylight savings back to standard daylight time-keeping. Plants beginning to go dormant; to die.

And appropriately, that's how I missed out on October this year. Death. Sofa pretty much blew this month right off the calendar for me.

But we're not here to bring you down! We're here to say I have an entire month I'm going to try to enjoy, by cramming it all into the one last day; tomorrow, halloween.

But how to do it?

We don't have any halloween decorations up. I believe I am dealing with sofa's death very well now; but putting out skeletons and gravestones? That's far too crass, even by my standards.

Instead, I've decided we should have lots of pumpkins this year. That's nice and October-y. Maybe carve a couple of jack-o-lanterns, which is something we don't normally do. Big orange fruit is appealing enough in their complete form.

I have noticed all the neighbor kids around here are very well behaved....

...which means it's up to me
to be smashin'
my own pumpkins.


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