Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Rock the vote

In the comments here, there's been some discussion that Moveon.org may have overstepped the limits of their 'charter,' by buying ads that point out some of Ah-nold's past with women.

Should I take umbrage with their actions? On one hand, it is low. The kind of mud-slinging you'd normally expect from the other side. So, sure, they aren't so pure on this one.

But then I consider the bigger picture. What is happening to our democracy? The impeachment was partisan. The Florida vote counting fiasco was a pure power grab. Now, this recall - it completely undermines the democratic process. I don't care about the Democrats. I care about Democracy.

Frankly, I think MoveOn is doing the only thing they possibly can do, to stop this recall. And stopping the recall is good for democracy. Which is their charter.

Ah-nold is a big boy - he can take the heat. And he's got his millions to help dampen the pain.
But our democracy is entirely too fragile right now. And broke.



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